“You know so much about music.”

I was in the car with my dad maybe a week or so ago when he commented, “You know so much about music.”

On the one hand that could be read as a general observation. However, it was so much more meaningful to me than that. Music is an intrinsic part of my identity and has been since high school. I’ve cultivated that intentionally: I seek out artists that are similar to each other and see where that leads, what comparisons I can make or analyze. I read biographies and commentary obsessively; I watch documentaries (20 Feet From Stardom is a recent favorite); I get ecstatic when someone recommends a new band or makes a reference (perhaps obscure?) to a song lyric I love.

I know so much about music because of what music has done for me and will continue to do. And that’s what this blog is for.

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