Covers Corner: “Keep On Loving You” by The Lemonheads

I talked about a Lemonheads cover a few years ago. This one is an interpretation of a much sappier song. I enjoy cheesy music as much as the next critic, but I love what The Lemonheads make out of REO Speedwagon. The original version of “Keep On Loving You” is an iconic ballad that’s both tender and urgent. In the hands of Evan Dando, the song is equally urgent, but takes on a rougher, almost sexy quality. You can tell there’s someone on his mind and he doesn’t want anything else but them. There are moments when his voice almost breaks from the passion.

I’ve mentioned this here in the Corner before, but oftentimes with covers, the new artist enunciates the lyrics more clearly. That’s not consistently true with this cover. I don’t mind; it feels more real somehow, which fits with the themes of the song.

In terms of which song I like better, I’m honestly leaning more towards The Lemonheads version! What do you think?