New Music Recs: “I Can Still Hear You”

This one is a different genre than I usually listen to, but it’s so, so good. Suzzy Roche and her daughter Lucy Wrainwright Roche have recorded a lovely folk song called “I Can Still Hear You.” It is such a soft and cozy number. Their voices blend together in a light, airy harmony that’s sustained by gently strumming guitar. The up-and-down rhythm of the guitar, as steady as the rocking of a boat, matches the lyrics perfectly. “I Can Still Hear You” describes how time carries us all forward and how we’re often surprised to find that it does. Yet the “you” of the title is still there, either as a figure of the past or a relationship from the present. They ask something interesting of that “you” early on: “remember me too.” Their connection to this “you” will always be a constant. Maybe they’re hoping it’s reciprocal.

I think it’s the perfect release for COVID times. Being stuck inside makes us naturally turn inward and think about the past. We wonder whatever happened to so-and-so; we think about when we were able to go and do things. The Roches sing about that: “remember…the parts that you saved” and “how the summer behaves.” Oh, the times when summer meant being, you know, in the sun.

Until then, you can listen to this daydreamy song and enjoy the self-reflection: