Covers Corner: “Wonderful Everyday” by Chance the Rapper

Admittedly, this is an unusual choice for my Covers Corner feature because it slides into remix territory more than cover, but I’ve been listening to it a lot lately and wanted to share.

“Wonderful Everyday” is a cover of the theme song to the cartoon Arthur, which is called “Believe in Yourself.” The original was performed by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. The group’s reggae sound makes the theme song much more unique than other kid’s show tunes; it’s not bright and bouncy, but slow and meaningful. Fitting for a show that’s all about friendship and, well, believing in yourself as you grow up.

Chance the Rapper’s cover is richly textured. You’ll find piano and humming playing together as the song begins. He’s backed by his collaborative group The Social Experiment. Keep an ear out for Jessie Ware (!) as she softly sings, “It could be so wonderful.” Goosebumps right there. Indeed, the whole cover makes you believe that it really could be wonderful every day. When I listen to the song, I feel like there’s almost a double meaning at work. It could be wonderful, and it already is. The chorus is just so joyful, too. That’s when Chance stops remixing and returns to the lyrics of the original. He says “Hey!”, and the kid in me wants to join in on the response: “What a wonderful kind of day.”

Like the original song says, “It’s a simple message/And it comes from the heart.” Believing in yourself and listening to other people matters: “Everybody that you meet/Has an original point of view.” That’s something that we so often forget. Chance the Rapper revisiting a childhood classic invites us to revisit that message, too. Perhaps it’s more relevant now than ever.

Listen below, but fair warning: you might tear up. I know I do.