New Music Recs: “Rabbit Run” by City Calm Down

This was a really fun discovery from Stereogum the other day! This group is an electronic foursome from Melbourne, Australia. Their music has an 80s feel, which is especially obvious on “Rabbit Run.” CCD’s lead singer has a surprisingly deep voice, which definitely lends a nice atmospheric weight to the song. His voice makes the band sound a little like Simple Minds: that same deep, disaffected voice paired with an atmospheric set of synths.

The video for “Rabbit Run” is pretty interesting, too. It’s set in an abandoned mall, which made me think of all those “abandoned places/malls” posts that were so popular awhile ago. The video’s setting seems to serve as a meta-commentary on themes that were raised in the book Bowling Alone or this recent article on the “death of the party.” As a society we’re retreating further and further into ourselves, our online worlds.

In terms of music video “plot,” you don’t get a clear idea of what’s going on until about halfway through. You notice that people are running through the mall, then you realize that the people are police and they’re chasing someone. The lyrics state, “Won’t you mind and turn the other way/Believe me I’m losing sense of it all/I won’t deny it/So rabbit run away.” At first you think that he’s talking about someone else. Then at the end of the video, the camera focuses on him running away. He becomes the rabbit: that same alienated soul that’s represented by the mall.

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