Personal History: My Radio Show

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been nostalgic for college – specifically, my time doing radio. It was an opportunity to, cheesily enough, find my voice. I remember that I was so nervous before every show, even though no one could see my face. Then the top of the hour would arrive, and I’d start the show by reminding everyone of what station they were listening to. With those few simple words, something shifted. I settled into my DJ persona, where every few songs I was perfectly comfortable sharing stories, talking about what we’d just heard, and getting the audience excited for what was about to play.

The other people who did radio just added to the experience. Some were the late-night crew who just wanted to spin Led Zeppelin IV; others were indie-pop girls who always seemed to know the latest remix. I made some great friends – when you do radio, you bond over that shared weirdness, that obsession with music.

This blog has provided a great opportunity to revisit that feeling: the comfort of my favorite songs and bands, the excitement of learning about something new. It’s a lot of fun, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading along with me.

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