New Music Recs: “jamcod” by The Jesus and Mary Chain

Well, if any band is going to get me back into blogging, it’s definitely the Mary Chain. I actually didn’t even know that they had released this song until my roommate told me; I joked that I would have to turn in my stan card.

Jokes and self-deprecation aside, listening to the song is like putting on a favorite pair of jeans: they fit perfectly and you know right away that you love them. The song is a searing combination of all the best Mary Chain songs: “Automatic,” “Blues from a Gun,” even some sneaky “Sometimes Always” cameos appear in the guitar riffs. And Jim Reid doesn’t sound like he’s aged at all. His voice, as ever, fits the existential, gazing-from-the-void lyrics that are typical of the Mary Chain: “There must be an answer/To the question I don’t know.” They turn these parts into something familiar, sure, but also thrillingly new. Who knew that they’d hop on the all-lowercase-song-title bandwagon? Not me, that’s for sure. It’s an intriguing preview of their upcoming album Glasgow Eyes.

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