New Music Recs: “Do You Feel It” by Chaos Chaos

This one is off their album Committed to the Crime. A dark and ambient album name that fits a dark and ambient song! “Do You Feel It” starts off with a slow piano that has an echoey, empty feel reminiscent of most European club songs. (Or most European music in general, really.)

The piano quickly cuts into a nice electronic beat that provides subtle backing for Asya Saavedra’s strong, even defiant, vocals. She tells her subject that they’re “always talking” but “not playing.”

Lyrically, “Do You Feel It” has an excellent narrative: it discusses the thrill and fear of new love. “I want it real,” Saavedra sings, daring her subject to confront their apprehension about being exposed. She can see right through them. When I hit the chorus, I can only assume that the person she’s talking to and about feels the same way I did: drawn in by the seemingly endless repetition of “do you feel it? do you feel it?”

Saavedra asks us this over and over, until we’re asking it of ourselves. It becomes a kind of trance. Her voice arches high and sweet, almost incoherent, which leaves us with that question as the music pulses on.

As I listened to this song, I found myself drawing comparisons between Chaos Chaos and Dum Dum Girls. Similarly hypnotic bands, with similarly self-reflective and bracingly honest lyrics. I hope that Chaos Chaos has staying power – their lyrical themes about women claiming the narrative about love are so important, especially in indie music.

What have been your favorite recent “reccs” or finds?

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