Monthly Obsessions – October 2021

This past month was much more “vintage” than usual: see Elvis, T. Rex, and the inclusion of swamp pop. That genre was a new discovery for me in October. First of all, I love the name, and its uniqueness is fun to listen to: blues combined with Cajun music combined with a smattering of big-band in the background. It goes down as smoothly as any drink you’d find in Nola.

I feel a bit late to the Olivia Rodrigo party. I know that SOUR has been out for a while, but in all honestly, it wasn’t on my radar until I saw the music video for “deja vu.” She is a great addition to the pop music canon: delicate vocal fry, deep emotion, and lyrics that cut you deep. “You said forever now I drive alone past your street.” I mean…oof.

“HEAVEN” by Troye Sivan is actually an older favorite of mine that I rediscovered this month. I listened to it a lot last year. I hadn’t heard “WILD” before, but it contains similar themes: yearning, contemplating a relationship, ready to dive into whatever it might bring despite the risks.

“You & I” and “Old Time Rock & Roll” were majorly stuck in my head. They’re both just so catchy!

Enjoy the playlist below and get ready to have them both stuck in yours.

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