Monthly Obsessions – November 2021

This month I listened to isolated drum tracks from iconic songs – “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Rosanna,” and “Fool in the Rain” – but obviously those aren’t available on Spotify, so I’ve included the full songs instead. Listening to just the drums was an interesting exercise. It shows the bare bones of a song. In the case of Rosanna in particular, the isolated drums almost are the song itself; the rest is a ghost above it.

“DON’T TELL THE BOYS” is a recurring favorite. Petey is a great new artist and his success is well-deserved. I posted about his full-length debut a few months ago.

“Sometimes Always” is an obvious choice because, well, The Jesus and Mary Chain are my favorite band full-stop. I love so many of their songs, but “Sometimes Always” was one of the first that introduced me to them.

Speaking of favorite bands, The Limousines are here again. “Parachute” came out awhile ago, but it’s still their most recent release. I’m bummed that they don’t seem to be active anymore. They got me through high school in a lot of ways and were one of my original entries into indie music.

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