Monthly Obsessions – April 2024

Here we are again. I only had 3 “vintage” songs on the list this month, which is unusual for me. “Ride or Die” was a recommendation from a friend, as was “jesus christ in a mini skirt.” Both of them are incredibly catchy; I had “Ride or Die” on repeat at the beginning of the month, and the Meg Smith song towards the end. She definitely has the Madonna inspo down – derivative without copying.

Speaking of catchy, “Class Historian” is an indie earworm if I ever heard one. I had completely forgotten about it until I went digging through my old radio playlists. If I’m stuck on what to listen to, I like to revisit old playlists and see if I can find gems. It helps me see what holds up and what doesn’t. (Obviously, the Rumours album – another feature this month – always, always will. That album is one of the all-time bestsellers for a reason.)

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