Monthly Obsessions – April 2021

Here’s a playlist of some of the songs I had on repeat this month. It’s eclectic as per usual: rap (2Pac) and country (Tanya Tucker) feature alongside UK anarchist group Chumbawamba. “Tubthumping” is a surprisingly uplifting song. I listened to it during some lower moments this month. One of my favorite bands, the Replacements, also make a cameo appearance here. I just love “Darlin’ One” and it’s another inspiring song for me.

Listen below:

2 thoughts on “Monthly Obsessions – April 2021

  1. I recently discovered the Spotify Stats website ( and it’s been eye-opening. And kinda funny. My top 5 tracks for April are Jessie Ware tracks, Freddie Gibbs’s latest single “Big Boss Rabbit,” and “Heggie and the Cloud Kingdom” which is a children’s song I’ve been listening to with the kids.

    You have a much more varied list than I do.

    1. I’ll have to give that site a look. I think it could be useful for my future “Monthly Obsession” posts.

      I don’t know, your list sounds pretty varied too.

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