Favorite Songs: “Littlething” by Jimmy Eat World

I haven’t done a “Favorite Songs” post in…let’s just say a while, so I wanted to revive it for a song that I’ve been listening to, off and on repeat, for years since I first discovered it. (It may have appeared on one or two of my “Monthly Obsessions” posts as a result.)

One of my best friends and I often talk about the concept of having a song that is you. It might describe who you are, or the way you feel, or just “sound” like you somehow. They have a few [their name] songs, and I have mine. “Littlething” is definitely up there. It might be an interesting choice for a favorite Jimmy Eat World song; it’s certainly no “Hear You Me” or “The Middle,” but then again, I’ve always tended towards the obscure.

Why does it feel like me? Well, it’s got that shimmering start I’ve always liked (see, for example, “Baba O’Riley”) and deep, solid guitar that stabilizes the song’s structure. I think what might get closest to it are the lyrics. They tell a story about looking for something difficult to capture, but that defines a relationship. Creating yourself and trying to figure it out. “It was always half invented, but the other half was good.” My favorite line is, “It’s everything not to call and find out why.” That just so simply and succinctly explains what it’s like to be thinking of, or about, someone.

I’ll leave the rest of the confessionals at the door and link the song below. Such an excellent gut-punch.

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